Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gimp City

I can't believe it's been only 2 weeks since the crash, it feels like a lifetime. I've got (hopefully) 3 more weeks on crutches then a few more weeks until I can start swimming and maybe some weight training and trainer biking. At this point though I'd be happy to be able to carry a cup of tea from the kitchen to the dining room. It's unbelievable all the dumb ass everyday things I can't do, never mind all the fun stuff. I finally went back to work a few days ago and it's actually easier for me since I have all kinds of people that can wait on me. Which leads to a rather disturbing realization about myself-I hate asking for help, to the point of it being pathological. Rather than buzz people on the intercom to ask them to bring me something I insist on stumping around the office, only to have someone tailing behind me anyway, asking how they can help. I'm supposed to keep as still as possible for the next 3 weeks so the fracture can heal and I know I shouldn't be trepsing around but it seems so stupid to bother someone to bring me something from the printer or fetch me some water. Today I brought in a gallon jug and I've gone through 3/4 of it before lunch. I had no idea I drink so much water, what is wrong with me? I know the climate here is semi-arid but this is ridiculous.

What to do with myself after I come home from work is becoming a challenge. There's only so much time I can spend reading and I'm sick sitting in front of the computer by the end of the day. TV is atrocious and I've watched all my agility videos so many time the tapes are nearly worn through. I read the Da Vinci Code in just a few days and I've started on a book called 'The Dogs of Bedlam Farm' by Jon Katz but it's really started irritating me. Jon Katz is a really good story teller but he's a pompous ass and this book has too much of his self indulgent, overinflated ego and assinine opinions about dogs and not enough funny stories about his border collies and life in the country. I've ordered a book that's supposedly sort of a training journal by someone who was rehabbing a border collie with fear/aggression issues but it hasn't arrived yet. If anybody has any good book ideas, I'm all ears.

I have discovered one hilarious tv show-Showdog Moms and Dads, on Bravo. I hate reality tv in general but this just has me in stitches. It's a real life version of 'Best in Show', too funny. You can't have reality tv without at least one character that constantly loses his cool and screams obscenities at the drop of a hat and the couple that fulfills that role is annoying (and I feel sorry for the poor dogs that have to live with them) but the rest of the freaks on the show are a hoot. I do find the 'dogs are my kids' attitudes a bit disturbing but what can you do, there are an alarming number of dog owners who think that way.

I get to go car shopping this weekend, not something I'm looking forward to but what else have I got to do? I'll probably just end up with another Subaru wagon but we're thinking about a Honda Element (beastly ugly) because it might be easier for hauling the dogs/agility trial equipment & bikes. They have similar gas mileage and safety ratings (the Element doesn't have a high center of gravity like an SUV so no tipping issues). We might even get a dreaded minivan (gag). I'd rather be shopping for a new bike.


  1. Hopefully you're not having to fight the other party's insurance company on top of all the inconvenience and pain ... and if you saw the movie "Sideways" or even if you didn't, I think you might enjoy the novel it was based on -- it's laugh-out-loud funny. I enjoyed Murakami's "Kafka On The Shore" recently, if you're into something a bit more esoteric and offbeat.

    Get well and stay that way!

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