Monday, March 14, 2005

Last Post on the V-Boards

I'm seriously thinking about a 1/2 Ironman at the end of June instead of Sept. which means my training started a few weeks ago. Oops. I've been keeping on top of everything though so it shouldn't be a problem and I'm tacking on a few extra weeks to account for some missed weekends due to agility trials, one of which was this weekend.

I think it's time to seriously reflect on certain aspects of your life when your weekend Girls Night Out turns too quickly to a discussion on dog poop (can I say 'poop' in this forum?) and you don't think anything of it until the next morning.

The dogs had a terrible start on Saturday morning. They were way too wound up when I took them in the ring and they just ran wild. Cody still managed a first place in Gamblers somehow but Lola was just Girl Gone Wild and provided lots of entertainment for the crowd. She improved a bit throughout the day but still didn't manage any clean runs. Cody was an emotional mess, wandering off and sniffing out of stress mid run. However he somehow managed to get his head together and WON the Grand Prix in his height class with a clean run/qualifying score. The Grand Prix is a special class that's used to determine which dogs qualify for the USDAA Nationals. Any dog can enter regardless of the level they normally compete at so even though he's an intermediate level dog he was up against masters level (the highest level) dogs. He only needs one more qualifying score in the Grand Prix and I can take him to Nationals in the fall. I doubt I'd go but still it's fun to think I could. And we got a bad ass, fancy blue ribbon too, way nicer than what they give away for the regular classes. I'm a bit worried though that Cody might have reinjured a shoulder he had surgery on. He doesn't show any sign of lameness but his mental flakiness could be a sign it's hurting him.

Sunday went a bit better, both dogs were much more focused though Cody popped out of the weave poles too soon (could also be a sign his shoulder is sore) and blew a qualifying score and tie for first in Snooker. He did manage a clean run and third place in jumpers. Lola finally got her head together and took first in Snooker & Jumpers with clean runs. One more clean run in those classes and she has to move to masters. Yikes! USDAA doesn't let you stay behind and sandbag, you have to move up, ready or not.

I'm going to move this blog to one of these days so I can say what I really want to. I'll put a link for it here when I get it set up. My internet access at home has gone kaput because my Internet Explorer keeps getting corrupted. I have no idea how to fix it so I may have to switch ISP's from Juno to someone that doesn't use Internet Explorer for a browser. If anyone out there has a suggestion I'm all ears. In the meantime it may take a while to get things going again blogwise since it's hard for me to do this after work.

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