Thursday, March 10, 2005

First Post

One of my goals for this year is to improve my recordkeeping so maybe if I try to do it publicly it'll force me to keep up with it.

My big race for this year is going to be a half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), probably in September but I haven't chosen a race yet. I'm debating over whether I want to spend the time and money travelling to an out of town race (California) or go for the more boring but cheaper and convenient race here in town. I hate to travel so right now I'm leaning toward the local race.

Since it's my first 1/2 Ironman I probably shouldn't set a time goal but secretly I'd like to finish under 6 hours. I'll need a lot of work on the bike to be able to do that. I've done 4 marathons, lots of sprint tri's and a few Olympic tri's but never a race that lasts 6 hours or more so I'm not sure what to expect.

The tough part about the training will be making time for it all along with training my dogs and going to dog agility trials. These competitions take the whole weekend and I do them once a month or so so I'm going to add some extra weeks to the training program I'm setting up.

January 1

Three mile walk in the a.m. with the dogs around Wonderland Lake, which is the open space area nearest to me. I'm going to track my walking because I think it effects my training. I may need to cut back on it when the mileage starts to get heavy but it's hard to explain that to active Border Collies who don't get the concept of a rest day.

Mountain Biking at Heil Ranch. This used to be an easy trail but every year it gets more technical due to heavy use and erosion. I probably should be out putting in mileage on my road bike but I did that yesterday and I can't bear the thought of being out on the boring road again. I have to hit the trails when the weather permits or I'll lose my mind. The trail is a steady steep climb through a forest up to a loop with a beautiful view of the valley below/Hall Ranch (another popular mtn. biking area) and the Continental Divide off in the distance. It's not the most breathtaking view by Colorado standards but considering I drove only 12 minutes to the trailhead I'll take it. I manage to finish the ride with all limbs intact. Every year I lose a little more of my nerve and though I'm telling myself the trail's gotten rockier, deep down I'm sure it's actually my nerve that's eroding.

8 miles, approx. 1:20 hours

January 2

Dog agility practice in the morning with both dogs. There's a masters (most difficult level of competition) course set up and I get a good deal of sprinting in. I almost tweak my knees a couple of time trying to beat my dog out of a tunnel then turning sharply on my knees to cross in front of him and change his direction. I've seen a top competitor go down with a bad ACL tear trying to do this but it's a common manuever in agility so I need to practice it.

In the afternoon it's a trail run on the Wonderland/Foothills trail with my Border Collie Lola. My other dog Cody, a Border Collie mix, was supposed to be my original running partner but he hates it and makes my life a misery by stopping to pee on everything. He's a male so he can't help himself. I leave him home for most of my runs. The trail runs along where the plains slam into the foothills and it's one of my favorites. There are some steep and technical places but for the most part it just ambles along through prairie dog towns and yucca patches. The prairie dogs taunt Lola and it makes her crazy. Her prey drive is inherent and through the roof so I have to keep her leashed. She almost takes me down a few times trying to get at them.

6 miles, approx. 1:15 hours

YTD: Swim-0

Bike: 8 miles, 1:20 hrs.

Run: 6 miles, 1:15 hrs

Walking: 3 miles, 1 hour

Weights: 0

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