Thursday, March 10, 2005

Exploding Pigeons and Lentil Soup

January 5

It was 2 degrees, cloudy & snowy when I got up this a.m. I'm not a weather wimp but it seemed stupid to venture out when the forecast for tomorrow is in the 40's. I can't remember the last time I had a rest day which is a pretty good sign it's time for one.

January 6

It's 10 degrees this a.m. but the sun is shining and I've used up my excuses so I bundle up & take Lola out for our usual 3 mile run. The snow is beautiful and the sun coming up turns the surrounding hills pink/red. Wonderland Lake looks frozen solid. After less than a mile I realize I have way too much clothes and I'm roasting by the time I get home.

Evening workout is a spinning class at a place that just opened across the hall from my office. It doesn't get more convenient than that. The teacher turns out to be good so I think I'll go back though I'm not sure these high intensity/anaerobic workouts are what I need just now. I'll keep them to once every week or two and keep an eye on my heart rate. There are only 6 people in the class which seems wierd, most spinning classes I've been to are packed, but that's all there's room for in the small studio space and it works out good for me because we end up getting lots of individual attention.

One of the woman in the class turns out to be a woman I practice agility with and she's going to the trial this weekend too. She's got 3 Border Collies so we understand each other's pain and chat a bit about those crazy BC's. When I get home at 8:00 p.m. my husband informs me that Lola broke into a cabinet and ate 2 bags of rice and who knows how much yellow split peas (which look like lentils). She was mad because he took our other dog Cody out for a walk and left her behind so she staged a protest, making a huge mess. I immediately start panicking and check her for bloat and wonder if I should induce vomiting. I remember stories about not throwing rice at weddings because pigeons eat it, it expands in their stomachs and then they explode. I try to remember if this is urban legend or it's just instant rice that's bad or what. I decide that for now she looks fine and I'm way too tired to deal with trying to get a dog to puke so I check her every 10 minutes and finally collapse in bed.

January 7

After cleaning up the unspeakable messes I've had to deal with today I can assure you all that I'm never EVER having split pea/lentil/rice soup again. Ever.

3 miles 'round Wonderland Lake with Lola this a.m. and that's all I feel like sharing.

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