Friday, April 07, 2017

Uptown Girls

Took Tess and Miss Ruby to downtown Boulder this morning during rush hour.  Sounds crazy I know but I went to a park where I'd taken a fitness boot camp and the same time of morning so I knew what it would be like and figured she could handle it.  Downtown is more of a touristy place so it doesn't start hopping until 11 or so.  Still we went next to the bike path where there were commuters on bikes, groups of runners, high school kids walking en masse from the bus stop to the high school, jibbering homeless people, weird statues, lots of traffic noise since the park is small and bordered by busy streets.  At one point I took them one a sidewalk right next to a super busy street and this unnerved Tess a bit but she was o.k. and it was only for 1/2 a block.  Otherwise she did great.  She stopped a couple times to check out the huge crowd of high school kids and big groups of joggers but she seemed more curious than afraid.  Definitely getting braver.

She doesn't like to play in the yard in the morning.  Something about the yard at that time of day unnerves her.  If I get her really wound up inside then take her out she'll chase a toy for a toss or two then run to the back door to go back in.  Once inside she tears around again like her ass is on fire.

Please to let me in now.

She's better in the afternoon and was even playing in the yard with Ruby and chasing a toy this afternoon.  She was super wound up over tired though.

She was good in the car on the way downtown.  Gave her a Kong and there was nary a peep out of her.  On the other hand Ruby pitched the worst fit I've ever heard.  She did NOT want to ride in the back of the Element in a small car crate, even if she did have a Kong.  With peanut butter.  I had bought her a seat belt harness but Tess was using it and riding behind me so I could give her treats and Ruby was not down with this at all.  So I did the terrible thing of letting her ride loose on the way home.  I KNOW.  Bad.  But it was a short drive and I couldn't bear to have her so hysterical.  I'll have to get another harness but it took so long to get the first one, Tess will have outgrown it by the time it gets here.  Will have to see if I can find something locally though when I looked for Ruby I didn't have much luck.  I think I was more stressed out with the whole morning than the dogs were.

Who me?  Bark in the car?  No way.

She was a great confidence booster for Tess this morning so I want to be able to take them places together.  I'll have to figure something out.

Happy Crazy Ears Day.

Puppy training tip 'o the day: If you want your puppy to stop chewing on your husband's slipper just whip out the camera and start taking pictures because SO boring. Now if anyone has any tips on how to train your husband not to leave his slippers where the puppy can get them I'm all ears.

 Tomorrow is baby goat day.  Should be interesting.

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