Friday, April 14, 2017

Out of the Fire and Back Into the Frying Pan

The rescue folks were able to find someone to take Tess' dad but unfortunately the owners wanted him back and the pound gave him back to them.  Because apparently you have to be super super bad before they'll convict you of animal abuse and refuse to let you have animals in Seagraves, Texas.  Because, Texas.  Anyway, some folks were going to keep an eye on him.  If he's tethered for longer than 3 hours or gets loose again then animal control has the number of someone who'll take him.

There was initial speculation that he might be a McNab or have some McNab in him.  Looks very possible.

Such a cool looking dog and I see so much of Tess in him.  But TWO dogs, especially when one is a puppy that's scared of stuff.  Hopefully he'll be sprung from his terrible situation.

I have a fair amount of faith in him getting loose and hopefully not getting hit by a car and landing in the good home he deserves.

At least he lives another day.

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