Sunday, March 05, 2017

Stretching Out

Nothing too sexy to see here, just some extension and obstacle commitment training.  I'm using a Manners Minder gizmo at the end of the jumps then calling her back to me.  My ankle's still a bit jacked up so I'm still taking it easy and no sprinting/running.  Glad I don't have any races on the calendar.

Takes her a couple of reps but she figures out her striding.  I lowered the jumps to 8" from 10-12" so perhaps that confused her at first.  The previous session she was back to running past the jumps so I made it easier.  Today I raised them to 10" and she had no issues.  No video, couldn't be bothered. 

Still working on weave pole training with the channels and she still sometimes runs straight to the Manners Minder and ignores the channel.  She's getting better though.  I went down to 6 poles so we could get more reps in.  Once she's solid with taking the channel and the channel gets narrower I'll add the other poles back so she can learn to get her rhythm.  I think she'll be ready to retired by the time I get her trained.

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