Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy National Puppy Day

I have a puppy on National Puppy Day, imagine that.  Didn't know there was such a thing.

We're having a Standy Uppy Ear kinda day.

We've decided on Tess for her name though we reserve the right to change it.  So far it seems a great fit.

Even crappy puppy pictures are cute. To me anyway.

She seems to have grown a lot since Tuesday.  I fear she'll be grown before I know it.

She's getting a little braver in the yard.  Starting to explore on her own.  First attempts at getting her used to a collar weren't spectacular, will have to work on that.  She has a vet appointment next Wednesday for her final Parvo/Distemper vaccinations and she'll need to be comfortable with leash and collar by then.

A 5 year old neighborhood girl has come over a couple of times to play with Tess.  The first time went well, the second time Tess was more nervous.  If she comes again I'll coach her a little more.  I don't know much about 5 year olds so it's hard to know how well they can follow instructions.  I have some ideas about how to help her, we'll see how it goes.  But wow, she was exhausting.  I was more tired with 15 minutes with the kid than a whole day of puppy, work, exercise, etc.  My decision to not have kids was a solid one, I'm not cut out for that task.  But I'm thankful for the kid coming over to help socialize Tess and she loves to come over to be with the puppy and I think her mom is grateful for some peace so it's a win all the way around.

Tess loves training.  I think it's making her braver in the yard, this afternoon she came in from training then went back to the door wanting to go back in the yard for more.  We're working on some simple tricks, some luring and some shaping.  She does well with both.

She loves to play but not all the time which is weird for me after having Strummer who would play anytime, anywhere, anyhow, even on his last day when his leg was exploded with cancer and he was hobbling around on 3 legs. 

It's also weird having a Border Collie that will chill out in the back yard, hanging out with Ruby and me.  Hopefully this trait will stay into adulthood. 

I've been keeping Ruby's schedule as intact as possible.  Her agility training got kicked to the curb a bit this past week but I squeezed in some quick weave pole sessions yesterday and today.  She's finally starting to get it and today I was able to make the off side entry a bit harder.  On side (soft) entries are still a bit difficult for her so we'll spend more time on that side.

I have a free auditing spot at a One Mind seminar next week and I'll do a write up of how that goes.  Excited for that, should be fun.  I worked my way through a lot of the videos on their website but still so many more and so much info. to absorb.  So much foundation stuff out there, I think I need a whole nuther post for that.

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