Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting Bigger

I've only had her a week but she seems so much more grown up.

Maybe it's because her ears are all sticky uppy.

She gets braver day by day.  Her collar is no longer an issue, now to get her used to a harness.  I've been getting her out a couple of times each day for a short walk on pavement, she gets her final parvo/distemper shots tomorrow and then another 7-10 days until she's good for more exciting exploring.  She's partly fascinated, partly afraid of almost everything.  Ruby is helpful in building her confidence.  We have a lot of cars, bikes, skateboarders, scooters, dogs, general chaos in my neighborhood so I've been keeping the walks short so she doesn't get overstimulated.  We started with 2 blocks and we're now up to 6 (3 out, 3 back).  Funny that such a basic thing is a thing.

We went for a car ride on Sunday, Jonny driving and me stuffing chicken in her crate.  She cried 45 of the 60 minutes drive from her foster home in Fort Collins to our house and then the 5 minutes we took her the other day.  This time we just drove and did errands, didn't take her out.  She did much better with me shoving chicken in her crate.  Gave her a Kong too.  The drive to the vet is 20 minutes each way and only me driving so it probably won't go well, all highway driving except the first 5 minutes so no way to shove treats in the crate.  Not much I can do about it though, she needs those vaccinations and my vet in Boulder is mega expensive and not that great so I've been trucking up to Lyons to see my vet friend.  So far it's worth the drive but still a pain.  But I go there to go biking so I can go there for the dogs.

So abused.

Doesn't get much more Yin Yang than this.

My good girl Ruby.  Loves the camera about as much as she loves the puppy.

I do play them off each other for training, Ruby gets jealous more so than the pup.

Who needs expensive spring lawn aeration services when these guys work for free?

Ruby hardly ever dug in the yard before the puppy and now she's happy to show the pup one of her only bad habits.  Otherwise I'm super thankful for Ruby for providing some calm energy to balance out the crazy.

Jonny has the day off on Thursday when I go to my One Mind seminar.  Can't wait to see how this goes down.

My point and shoot camera is dying right when I get a new puppy, of course.  Options on Amazon are slim pickings, I guess everybody uses their phones nowadays.  I hate using my phone for photos.  I have a Canon Rebel, big non-portable camera but the stock lens isn't fabulous and there's no way I'm taking that beast hiking/biking so I'm not sure what to do.  Guess I take my chances with the slim pickings.

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