Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pizza Night

I'm not known for my cooking skills.  In fact quite the opposite.  But I'm learning.  Wednesday night is usually pizza night and by that I mean frozen pizza night.  But since I've given up wheat this also means I've given up regular pizza crust which means pizza night gets really weird.  And by that I mean I end up chopping up a plate of lettuce for myself and removing the sauce and cheese from the pizza and putting it on the lettuce.  Lettuce pizza.  I wish I was joking about this.  Jonny usually does the cooking.  Or the Indian restaurant on the other side of town.

But as fate would have it I accidentally requested the 'Wheat Belly Cookbook' from the library rather than just the plain old 'Wheat Belly' book and when I picked it up after waiting weeks for it I was extremely irritated with myself for the oversight.  But I'd gone to the hassle of braving downtown traffic and the sea of homeless people who form a moat of not such good smells at the entrance to the library and there were actual cops so who knows what was going on in the library this time (the state of the Boulder library is very sad making but that's a post for another day) so I figured I should at least check out some of the recipes.  And wow, so much delicious stuff in there and all of it easy, less than 30 minutes mostly.  A perfect book of delicious food for the culinarily challenged.

I started last week with wheat free pizza made from a crust of almond flour, coconut flour, flax seed, egg and cheese.  I can't put the exact recipe from the book because duh but if you go to YouTube and search for 'wheat free pizza' (or gluten free or paleo or whatever) a similar recipe and explanation will come up.  But so easy, even I could do it.  And no dogs got drunk this time and nearly had to go to rehab which is not something I can say about the last time I attempted pizza crust.

The crust looked like this:

And the finished pizza?  So much deliciousness.

Spinach and mushroom

And so filling.  I was full after 2 slices and forced down a third because I was in some serious calorie deficit already.  So much tastier and hearty than regular pizza crust.

That was last Wednesday.  And tonight?  Cauliflower pizza crust.  This time I used a recipe I saw on YouTube.

Again, so easy.  And again, no drunk dogs.

The crust.  Should have cooked it a little longer.  I'm never sure how to adjust for altitude until I try cooking something the first time and I prefer stuff undercooked to burned.

Spinach, mushrooms and onions this time.

Once again, very delicious, much tastier than bread crust but not as similar to bread crust texture-wise as the almond flour crust.  Definitely not as filling as the almond flour crust either, I easily ate half the pizza but I'd  hardly eaten at all today and had gone riding earlier so I was on the hungry side.  Jonny better hope he gets home from riding soon or I'm might tear into his half.

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