Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We're All Going on a Strummer Holiday

USDAA issued a statement on their wacky weave pole decision, you can search for it on Facebook if you're really interested and haven't seen it already.  Basically it said the 22" poles were a compromise for the small dogs, so that they don't have to extend their stride so much.  They also stated, 'We have listened to competitors who have requested 24” poles, but we have also listened to those who have asked that the poles not be widened to that degree.'  Because so many more people out there have requested 22" poles?  Um??!!  I'm sorry but that's ridiculous.  I refuse to believe there's a majority of competitors who want 22", in fact quite the opposite is true and folks have been pretty vocal about it so the idea that they're catering to competitors is absurd.  USDAA wants the tighter spacing, not the solid majority of folks going to Nationals.  Also the idea that they're accommodating the small dogs is hilarious.  First off, there are small dogs competing in USDAA??  If they truly cared about small dogs they'd alter their aggressive jump height cut-offs and maybe actually attract a few of them to compete.  The other point being that a lot of small dog owners prefer the 24" poles.  So who out there is begging for 22" poles and where do those folks compete on a regular basis?  Because I don't know any clubs that use 22" poles anymore, at least around here.  I'm sure there are a few folks out there with training issues with the 24" poles but the notion that they're in the majority and pressuring USDAA to change for Nat's. gave me a good laugh.  So many businesses out there bending over backwards to attract and keep customers in this challenging economy and somehow USDAA seems intent on driving them away.

So that was the nail in the coffin of my quest to qualify for Grand Prix at Nat's.  I had 2 more chances locally which would have cost $47 plus the $45 entry to Nat's. had I qualified and that gives me enough for an extra day of hotel/food in Utah before Xterra Nationals.  And then I figured as long as I was making the long trip why not take an extra 2 days and see if Jonny wants to come with?  Of course he does.  And our awesome friend agreed to look after Cody since that trip would be hard for him.  Cody gets a vacation from Strummer and the Trouble Twins get to come along with us for some hiking and maybe swimming if dogs are allowed in the reservoir.  Though not on race day.  That could end badly.  So the 7 1/2 hour drive to Ogden/Snowbasin isn't looking too bad anymore and the trip will be a lot more fun for me with Jonny and the dogs along.  And I can pre-ride at least part of the bike course which will help a lot.  Plus will be fun to have a little mini-vacation rather than driving all that way just for a race.  Not sure what there is to do in Ogden but it looks like there are nice trails up around Snowbasin where the race will be.


  1. My agility teacher made the same general decision too...she's not going to retrain weaves on her 11.5 year old dog just for Nationals. Sounds like you'll have more fun with your trip anyway!

  2. Yeah, I don't blame her.

    I also wonder what other stupid policies they're going to have at Nat's. that I don't know about and is it worth the time/money to have to deal with it.

  3. I havent read anyone saying they wanted 22 inch poles. I have a small dog and I perfer 24 inch poles, not that Im going to nationals. In saying that, I havent had any problems with going to 22 inch poles without trianing. It didnt really seem to bother my dog when every once in a while a USDAA club has 22 inch poles.