Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blue Lake

Quick hike up to Blue Lake today at over 11,000 ft. to escape the heat. 

Mt. Toll and Blue Lake

Was so nice to get out of the heat down in town.  Cool temps, a nice breeze, ahhh...

We left Strummer home this time.  I thought it would be too hot for him up there and the trail is very steep and rocky.  Last time we were up there we saw a moose, no such luck this time.  I guess that's what we get for leaving our good luck charm behind.

This is why I don't feel the need to travel anymore.  Why get on a plane or sit in the car for days when I can have all this for just a 50 minute drive from home?

It's even nicer earlier in the season when there's more snow on the mountains but this is the first I've gotten up there this year.  Will have to make more of an effort to get those high country hikes in.  The short season will be over before I blink.

Don't know what these flowers are but I liked them.

Gotta admire anything that's bad ass enough to survive up on the alpine tundra.


  1. Wow, gorgeous. I coulda used some of that Blue Lake coolness today. I love those flowers! I wonder if they're arctic gentian?

  2. Now I'm thinking yes. You could google Gentianodes algida and look at the images, also

  3. Yes, that looks exactly like what they are Arctic Gentian. So distinctive, I can't imagine they'd be anything else. Thanks for the info., I was too lazy to look it up. And now next time I'll know.