Tuesday, June 19, 2012


There's a nest of baby robins right outside my home office window.  I get to hear them peeping on and off all day when I'm home and sometimes I even see their little heads sticking up out of the nest.  So cute.  At least I thought they were cute but this is because I have poor eyesight.

Not so very cute up close and personal.

Lola can't wait for the day that they get shoved out of the nest.  She'll be waiting underneath with her mouth open.  I don't have a game plan for this day.  I was thinking of fencing off that part of the yard with some kennel panels but then I remembered the year of the Baby Bird Massacre.  I woke up one morning after a night of hurricane force winds to find a gruesome mosaic of baby birds splattered into my chain link kennel panels that separate back yard from front.  Given the strong winds we've been having I'm not excited about trying that experiment.  Also not excited about searching for baby birds in the grass every time I let Lola out.  I'm predicting that this is going to end badly.

Then there's the critter possibly with babies and possibly a racoon living under our deck.  Lola is already fenced off from that family of tasty treats and she's pissed off about it and not shy about letting me know her displeasure.   And the raccoon is not shy about letting me know his displeasure about me stomping on the roof of his house.  There's no pleasing Mother Nature sometimes.

Speaking of which, Strummer has a plea for her.  Some water, pretty please?

And Lola?  She can smell the baby birds from there.


  1. Most babies of most animals are adorable. But bird babies are just plain ugly. I wonder if nature has a reason for that?

    Good luck keeping the dogs away! I don't know what I'd do in the scenario.

  2. I never know what to do, either, given that they all tend to build their nests right outside my doors. Makes it hard to fence anything off, and they'd probably end up on the wrong side of the fence anyway.