Monday, June 04, 2012

Give Me a Home

where the baby buffalo roam.

I was cooped up at a hypnotherapy pain management seminar for the past 3 days and by the end my head was full and my legs were twitchy from so much sitting so I went for a nice long mindless ride out east on the dirt roads.  I saw lots of babies, baby cows, foals, lambs, baby prairie dogs and I didn't stop for any of them because I just wanted to ride and not think about anything but I couldn't pass up the field full of baby buffalo.

Because for crying out loud, how cute are baby buffalo?

Apparently it's hard work being a baby buffalo.  These guys were tuckered out.

I only had my point and shoot camera and I only brought it just in case I ran across something extra special.

You think you have bad shedding issues at your house.  This guy's going to need the extra large furminator.

And an osprey out at the Boulder Reservoir for good measure.


  1. Wow, those things are huge! Are they fenced in?

  2. Yep, they're fenced in. The place I was standing had 2 fences, one of them barbed wire.

  3. You'd think if they're going to have them around for tourists to admire, that they'd groom them better! [grin] very cute indeed.