Wednesday, August 24, 2011

USDAA Jumpers Run

Thanks to Julie for taping our advanced Jumpers run from this past weekend.  I couldn't find anybody before our run but she was in the stands and had a great view.  Those handling errors are so easy to spot when you have video.  A big part of the problem with the run is that Strum broke his start line for maybe the second time ever because he was freaked out by all the flies in the arena.  This was the last run of the day and he was at the end of his rope with them.  He was jerking his head around to snap at them while sitting on the start line and actually I can't remember if he broke the start or I saw him fussing and released him before I had led out to where I wanted to.  In any case it threw me off my plan and I got  a bit behind setting a poor line and causing a run by then a back jump.  That rear cross towards the end though, ugh, I'll have to practice that set-up some more.

I tried more rear crosses this trial then I normally do, mostly because they're a weak spot that I've been working on in practice and I wanted to see how they held up in a trial.  I'd say the results were mixed.  In some cases I really prefer a front if I can get there but sometimes I can't get there no matter how hard I hustle or I can get there but it isn't pretty.

I realized I have only 3 trials left for the whole year, all of them DOCNA.  At least with the exception of DOCNA Champs. they're all 20-40 minutes away.  Now if only it would cool down a bit so I could practice.  It's not fair having 90 degree weather so far into August.


  1. Rear crosses are a bane with me & Boost, so I sympathize.

    That last rear X, you moved way before he was even thinking about the next jump. If you stop the video as he's going over the preceding jump, you can see that you're already turning to go to the last jump. What you maybe needed to do was to go in deeper to the jump before that one (4th from last) so you could be slightly behind him as he's going over the 3rd to last so that you then have room to run straight at the 2nd to last until he's committed.

    Maybe you know all that, but since I've been in remedial rear cross land for a while, I've been paying more attention to what actually works.

  2. Yeah, that's exactly it, I didn't go deep enough into that earlier jump. Didn't go deep enough at the other jump either causing the run-by. So used to the other dogs who never needed so much support. Cody would take whatever was in front of him whether I wanted him to or not.