Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Went out in the -2 degrees F for a walk with the Trouble Twins for around half an  hour.  The only people out in weather like this are runners and dog people and since I'm a runner and a dog people I had no hope of staying in like a sensible person.  The sun was shining, bright blue skies and even some pretty sundogs so how could I resist?  Lola had the time of her life rolling in the snow and Strum looked happy to be along for the ride even though he had to wear the dreaded coat and booties.

I hate my clothes.

But I'll put up with anything for my rubber chicken.

You mean MY rubber chicken

It's never too cold for some Jive Talkin'

Trouble Twins modeling their fancy dog clothes.  I cannot believe I own actual fancy dog clothes.

Should move up into the teens tomorrow, woo hoo.  Who knows what adventures we'll get up to in that heat wave.


  1. I can't believe the weather swing you guys have had out there - my friend said she was running in a sports bra and shorts last week so this is punishment. Stay warm!

  2. They look cute!
    What kind of boots are those and do they stay on your dogs feet?

  3. Strummer's booties are from Ruff Wear and they're a discontinued model (3D Bark'n Boots). Looking at Ruff Wear's website I don't like the look of any of their booties. I don't like the hard sole of the Grip Tex and I don't like the cuff on the top of the Skyliner. Lola's booties are made by a company called Polar Paws and they have a cuff on the top like the Skyliner which is a huge pain in the ass to get on the dog's foot. But they're ancient, I'm not sure if the current model is the same and I'm not having much luck with a quick google search.

    Whether they stay on or not has more to do with how carefully I put them on. Usually one dog or the other or both will have one (or more) come off but not always. Also depends on how crazy they're running around and if it's deep snow or packed. I use them mostly for on leash stuff on packed snow (streets and trails), running and walking.

  4. It was 67 degree just a few days ago but I wasted it building that @#$#ing dogwalk.

  5. As I'm sure you know by now, I have the same dog coats! I don't put booties on mine that often. I only have 1 set, and they come off. Too much to keep track of with 3 or 4 dogs hiking,

  6. I don't like the booties but it's the only way they can go out in the cold and snow. Otherwise they're lifting their paws after 2 blocks. I've tried Musher's Secret but it's useless in this type of cold.

  7. I have very hardy dogs as we went out for 30 mins in minus -14 degree weather. They were still romping in the snow. You would never have known. Me on the otherhand nearly froze my eyeballs :-) No boots or coats even Rift. He loves the cold.

  8. Hello there! Your pups are so cute! I'm following you!

  9. Oh myyyyyyy goodness the rubber chicken wishful eyes photo cracks me up!