Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trial/Race Schedule for 2011

Finally put together my agility trial/triathlon/race schedule for the year.  Of course many things can change throughout the year but I wanted to have a schedule that I can refer to because this year is crazy with weekend stuff going on.  I've already sent in my entries for the triathlons so those are hopefully a done deal.  I'd like to have one more triathlon in May or June but I can't seem to find one yet that appeals to me.  Still on the fence about the Indian Peaks Xterra for several reasons, lots of time to decide on that one.  I'd also like to do a few running races this year but haven't settled on any for sure.

One of the reasons I don't post goals/resolutions/etc. on Jan. 1 is that it's not a time when I've got those things solidified.  In Sept. of last year I decided my 'A' race for 2011 would be the Xterra Lory again.  I was going to conquer that hill on the bike and run course this year, no walking, lots of time off my bike and run splits.  Then in January after I'd signed up for the race I got an email saying they were switching the course back to the flatter 2-loop format.  The run will still have the challenging hill but this course adjustment makes the race suddenly a huge bit easier and maybe not worthy of an 'A' race designation.  So I may shift the 'A' race to the Indian Peaks race or find something else entirely, maybe even Xterra Regionals in Beaver Creek.  I gave up the notion of qualifying for Xterra Nationals because I have other things going on that will force me to miss the fourth race and I don't think I can get enough points with only 3 local races.  Still lots up in the air as far as triathlons go but agility trials are pretty well set.  I may change my mind about one or two and a new trial or two may pop up in the meantime but for now I'm happy with my schedule.

I put the travel times to the various trial sites for laughs.  It's funny to see how far I'm willing to drive and the answer is 'not far'.

2011 Agility Trial Schedule

January 8-9:  USDAA, FRAC, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont (18 minutes)
February 12-13:  DOCNA, FRAC, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont (18 minutes)
April 2-3:  USDAA, FRAC, The Ranch, Loveland (48 minutes)
May 7-8:  USDAA, FRAC, Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton (42 minutes)
May 28-30?:  DOCNA, Paws 2 Friendship, Peyton (only 2 days) (2 hours)
June 25-26:  USDAA, DAPPR, Black Forest? (Only 1 day, not sure which) TENTATIVE (1 hour, 
                   45 mins.)
August  13-14:  DOCNA, FRAT, DeKoevand Park, Littleton (56 mins.)
August  19-21:  USDAA, FRAC, Hansen Arena, Laramie, WY (only 2 days) TENTATIVE (2 hours, 
                       5 mins.)
September 22-25:  DOCNA CHAMPS, Mesa County Fairgrounds, Grand Junction (4 hours, 30 
October 15-16:  DOCNA, FRAT, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden (43 mins.)
December 3-4???:  DOCNA, FRAC, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont (18 mins.)

Very Tentative 

September 3-5:  USDAA, FRAT, location?


2011 Triathlon/Race Schedule

July 23:  Lookout Mountain Triathlon, Sprint (500m pool swim, 10 mile road bike, 5k road run), 

August 27:  Lory Triathlon, Xterra (1/2 mile open water swim, 12.2 off road bike, 8k trail run), Lory 
                 State Park, Ft. Collins area

VERY Tentative

July 16:  Xterra Mountain Championship, Full Course (1 mile open water swim, 15.5mile off road 
             bike, 5.75 mile trail run) OR Sport Course (1/2 mile open water swim, 9 mile off road bike, 
             3 mile trail run), Beaver Creek

August 6:  Indian Peaks Triathlon, Xterra (1000m open water swim, 24k off road bike, 8k trail run)

September 11?:  Tri-Glenwood Triathlon, (825m hot springs pool swim, 15 mile road bike, 5 mile
                         road run)

September 18:  Sombrero Trail Run, Off road, 4.5 miles, Estes Park


  1. Wow, considering that we have tons and tons of agility "around here", most is in the range of 2 hrs away except for the maybe 4 that are 50 minutes from here. You have it pretty good.

  2. I wouldn't drive 2 hours on a regular basis, maybe once or twice a year at most these days. I guess I am pretty spoiled. If I did AKC I could probably get plenty of trials in and never drive more than 40-50 mins.

  3. FRAT's September USDAA trial will be held the same place as the regionals. Indoor soccer field complex.

    How come your not doing the Regional?

  4. I'm not going to Regionals because they're not offering titling classes. I'm not planning on going to Nationals so I don't want to spend a fortune on the Tournament classes, they're always so expensive at Regionals. Plus I'm worried it'll be hot indoors with no air conditioning. I might take a chance on the site in Sept. though, I'll see how the finances are holding out by then and what the feedback is from Regionals.