Friday, October 22, 2010

Trial video and yet more dogwalk practice

Couldn't get the trial video but the person who filmed me was o.k. with me posting the link so here you have it, Strummer DOCNA Specialist Standard.  We had an off course at the A-frame just before the weaves that you can't see and he got called on his A-frame, the only A-frame miss the entire trial.

More dogwalk practice, this time with no flips to tunnels.  Had 7/9 (78%) success rate at the practice field on our own, some turns, some straight on to a jump that's off screen.  This is a similar success rate to the trial this past weekend.  One miss was rewarded the other was not.  I'm sort of at wit's end as to what to try next.  He's not exactly leaping on his misses, just taking too big of a stride.  I think he's still doing a rotary gallop even on the misses which is why I rewarded the one miss.  I may get desperate and post to Silvia Trkman's discussion group.  I don't mind putting in the training time but apart from plugging along with what we've been doing I'm out of ideas.  And maybe continuing to plug along is what I need to do.  Could be he simply needs more practice at how to adjust his stride and with time he'll get more accurate.  I hate to start messing with stride regulators, hopefully he'll figure it out himself.

Video is bigger if you watch from the link below.
DOGWALK 10-21-2010 from colliebrains on Vimeo.

Had some good handling practice last night with my training partner and I have video of that too but it'll be a day or two before I have it processed.

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