Saturday, October 23, 2010

Handling video

I shot some video of our last practice session since I had a nice overhead view from a deck above the practice area.  I like to get some video of my handling and Strum's jumping every once in  a while to see where we're at.  The exercise is a Backyard Dogs thing from Clean Run but I have no idea what issue.  I can find out if anyone's interested but I think you get the basic idea of the layout from the video.  Tried doing the exercises different ways to see what worked best.

The good-almost no bars down.  He had one or two hard knocks that didn't bring the bar down but would have with a regular jump standard (a few of those bars were very tight in the standards).  I think his jumping looks good for the most part.  He's taking off where he should, collecting when I cue him to.  I put a couple of exercises into slow motion so I could compare my cues to his reactions and I think it mostly looks o.k.

The bad-I'm still flinging my arm way up in the air over my head.  Seemed like I was getting a handle on that but for this practice session I was back to my old habits.  Glad I shot the video, I realize now I still have to watch out for that.  My other problem was with supporting jumps.  He still needs me to hold up for a bit until he's committed or go up to a jump with him.  I had a couple of run-bys at the trial last weekend because I took off running somewhere before he was committed.  I'm hoping with time and practice he'll get more independent.  He's way better than when we started but still needs a fair amount of support.

He's such a fun little boy to run, he truly loves playing agility.


  1. Ok, so I'm not seeing any flinging arms. Maybe once when you sent your arm came up a bit high but overall I thought they looked good! This is something I've been working on too so I am really good at spotting it ;-)

    Do you use a verbal cue when you Send? I found that Summit needs both (shoulders,arms, and verbal) for Sends.

  2. Wow, a lot of really nice tight turns there -- he's reading you really well. I didn't notice any flingy arm thing either except that one time fairly early in the video.

  3. I'm trying to remember to use a verbal cue for a Send. Even if I use one if I pull off too early he comes with me. Hopefully as he gets more practice and I more consistently remember to use that verbal his commitment point will get earlier.

    I dunno, I noticed about 11 instances of flingy arms. Maybe I'm worrying about it too much but it's been such a hard habit to break.