Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silly dogs

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Hard to get any kind of photo of Cody.  As soon as the camera comes out he either starts acting weird or comes right up to the camera so that all you can get is a good shot of his nose hair.

I think he loves that squeaky red rubber devil ball a little too much.

All sorts of mayhem ensues whenever I break it out.
At least it's a distraction from his watering can obsession.  Jonny had to take it off him the other day because he was flying around the yard like such a maniac with it in his mouth that somebody was going to lose an eye.

I keep looking at that course map in the post below and thinking I can run fast enough to get past that #4 tunnel opening to cue that #5 jump.  I wasn't trying hard enough during practice, surely that's the problem.  I'm always wanting to run when I shouldn't and not running hard enough when I should.  I feel the same way about the dogwalk, I can totally run faster than I do.  Probably holding back because I'm afraid I'll be out of breath and unable to handle the rest of the course or I can't think and run that hard at the same time.  Maybe it's time to revisit those Tabata sprints once I'm done rehabbing from that stupid car crash and can start running again.  I do sort of remember starting to dread them several hours before doing them but feeling good afterwards.  Not sure if it helped the agility running though because I'm not ever going that hard on a course.  Maybe the fartlek running is better.  It's more fun anyway and I don't want to cry at the very thought of it like I do with the Tabata sprints.  For now I'm stuck on my mountain bike on the road and easy trails per the chiropractor until the stiffness and pain in my neck and back go away.  Can't even swim right now, haven't been swimming in weeks.  Masters is going to be ugly when I finally go back.  I probably shouldn't have opened that bag of Halloween Reeses peanut butter cups either.


  1. Completely hilarious photos!!!

    I always wonder why I'm so winded running agility courses relative to normal running - it's all that damn talking/yelling I have to do at the same time!

  2. I bet you could set a LOM to #5 without having to be at the exit of that tunnel to pick up your dog. Hard to tell just looking at a map but could you set a line that slightly converged on your dog as he excited the tunnel. Your motion, inside arm, and verbal jump would cue #5.

    Either that or it's Fartleks for you!

  3. I'm drawing the map from memory but I think it's pretty close though it could have been more of a turn in reality. In any case the jump was not obvious when the dog exited the tunnel and the dog's path straight out of the tunnel didn't take him over the jump.

    I'd guess that when he came out of the tunnel I was about even with the apex of the A-frame and that was too far behind for my motion to have an impact on him. I was trying to set a line of motion to the jump but he came barreling out of that tunnel in a straight line and then started looking for me when he realized I wasn't there to tell him where to go. He did eventually turn to the jump and take it when he saw me running that way and I guess technically it wasn't even a refusal, just wasted time and some confusion. Also he took the jump on the left lead and turned left so I had that extra yardage as well.

    I'm not thinking of training a traditional 'out' cue but maybe some modified version like using his 'turn' verbal cue and supporting it as best I can with motion just for these tunnel scenarios, not on jumps or pretty much anywhere else. And more Fartleks. And less Reeses. Or maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it further up the course because that's a perfect situation for him to take me out at the knees.

    Cody had something like 9 Master Gamblers Q's when he retired and I never trained an 'out' for him either. He was just naughty and quite happy to run away from me and do his own thing.

  4. These photos make me laugh! And that's a good thing this week. I need someone monitoring my diet like I monitor my dogs' diet. Then maybe I could sprint better, too. So stay away from the reeses!

  5. I really enjoyed these photos. Hope all is well ...

  6. Thanks Ed, hope all's well with you as well.