Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grooving at Lake Isabelle

Yesterday I took Strum for a nice hike up to Lake Isabelle and the further up to the tundra above.

The lake is a mere puddle this time of year.

Compare to the photo I took in June of last year from roughly the same place

Amazing what a difference 3 months makes.

Grooving at the lake

I took a million photos, well 90 photos, and had such a hard time deciding which to post so I made up an album on Facebook of about 20.  You can view it here without having to join Facebook.  I'm guessing there are better options than Facebook for posting photos but they make it so darn easy that that's where I'm putting them for now.

I love this transitional time of year, last holdouts of wildflowers mingling with the grasses that have turned red, is it summer or fall?  Nature is as confused as the rest of us.

View of the glacier and the red tundra grasses

Fed up with stopping for me to take pictures.  Patience is not one of his virtues.

Happy trails

Not sure what this is about.  It looks like a sundog but I'm sure I would have noticed a sundog so I'm guessing it's more likely some weird camera malfunction.

I love fall.

I just wish we were getting some fall temperatures.  It was beautiful up at 10,000 feet yesterday but it was 91 degrees when I got back to town and it's the same just now.  Blech.  I fear we're going to go straight from summer to winter and miss out my favorite season.  Hope it's not this hot next week for DOCNA Champs.  It usually runs 10 degrees hotter over in Grand Junction than here.

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