Monday, September 20, 2010

Golden Gate State Park

A few more photos of the fall colors from a hike yesterday in Golden Gate State Park.

View of the Continental Divide from Panorama Point.  The mountains look so bare.

The leaves aren't as far along here but it's a nice scene anyway.

Not quite as spectacular as Kenosha Pass but it was a still a pretty hike.  Hard too, some of the climbs were hellishly steep.  Lots of up and down too.  It was around 6 miles or so and took us over 3 hours.  I'm paying for all this activity with a horribly sore piriformis (ie pain in the butt).  I had an appointment with the chiropractor and massage therapist this morning, did you hear the screaming?  Hopefully I'll be able to move by the weekend for DOCNA Champs.

It was ridiculously hot for the third week of September at 9000 feet and when we got back to town and I stepped out of the car I was thankful for all the firefighters still hanging around town because I thought I was going to burst into flames.  Turned out it was a record breaking 97 degrees.  Today it's 93 and windy with no humidity to speak of so I'm waiting to see where the next fire is going to start.  Fall temperatures and some moisture can get here any time now.


  1. So *that's* the screaming I heard!

    Is late summer/autumn your big fire season usually? It certainly is around here--that awful Oakland fire way back when was in October--but we have the excuse of no rain all summer.

  2. We had a decent amount of rain this summer which only provides more fuel for when things do dry out. Statistically the worst month for fires is July followed by June then August then September. Up until mid August we had plenty of moisture but now I think it's been 4-6 weeks since we've had any rain and we've had unseasonably hot temperatures, like 20 degrees above normal. Very strange. I'm ready for an end to it. Been reading 'Into Thin Air' to make me feel cold.