Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whip It Good

Roller Derby is not a crime! We had our first real snow yesterday, 4" of accumulation and cold damp temps. in the 20's meant I wasn't up for being outside for much more than a long walk with the dogs so we decided to go to an actual movie theater to see 'Whip It'. In short, teen angst played against a background of roller derby with a most excellent soundtrack that included the Ramones. Your movie stands a much better chance of not sucking if you can find a way to work the Ramones into your soundtrack, trust me. Now that is my idea of a feel good movie. I did not like 'Juno' at all, in fact I found it icky amongst other things, so I was concerned that Ellen Page was playing the lead but she did a great job and I wasn't the least bit annoyed by her. And how can you go wrong with Juliette Lewis playing the bad girl anti-hero 'Iron Maven'? Even Drew Barrymore who I think did her best work in E.T. was hilarious as the over the top 'Smashley Simpson'. Plus I learned the actual rules of roller derby. I didn't even realize there were actual rules but there are, as well as strategies. If only they had had roller derby when I was in high school...O.K., I so would not have been on the team. I wonder if it's too late to pick it up? O.k., even if it isn't I'm so not joining a team. But it looks like a blast, too bad I bruise like an aging banana at the slightest bit of physical contact.

I totally need a roller derby name. Donna Bleed? Tina Slay? Lola's would be 'Lola Ebola' and if there was such a thing as doggie roller derby she would rule at it. I loved roller skating when I was a kid and I remember doing the 'Whip It'. I'm sure I remember doing it at punk rock shows too back in the day. When you're small people like to use you for the one that gets 'whipped'.

In the spirit of things here's the best roller derby punk rock video ever. O.k. it's the only roller derby punk rock video I know of but it's good if not a bit corporate. I can't embed it because, you know, stupid corporate America won't let me so here's the link: Bright Lights of America

(Don't even get me started on the hypocrisy of the anti-corporate punk rock band signing to the major label but that's another tired out rant for another day on another blog).

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  1. The movie looks pretty good to me. I'll add it to our Netflix list.

    I'd have to think about a clever derby name.