Friday, October 02, 2009

Lola-just because

Had some fun fooling around in the yard with the camera when I was on vacation. Actually Jonny took these photos, I set up the shot.

I'm back into agility training but I've been busy with other more important Stuff and I haven't had much time for writing about it. I will get back to writing, really I will, hopefully next week.

I had my last outdoor pool workout on Tuesday and it made me sad. I hate swimming indoors compared to outdoors but I've hardly been to the pool this month because it's been so cold and stormy that it's just as well. It was a beautiful night, moon was out and the sun setting and turning the clouds pink. Perfect way to end the outdoor swim season.

Lola and I have a USDAA trial this weekend in Fountain which is just south of Colorado Springs. It's about a 1 hour, 50 minute drive and I've only signed up for the first 2 classes each day so I'm going to drive home on Saturday. I know, it's crazy driving all that way for 2 classees then driving home then driving back then driving home. It's an experiment, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll pop into Garden of the Gods on the way home, we'll see how tired I am. Dogs are allowed on the trails and admission is free so maybe I'll make the effort.

I was hoping Strummer would be o.k. with running with 2 rings going by this time but to be honest I've not been working on that issue and he still needs so much regular agility training that it's just as well I don't waste the money on his entry. He's got a DOCNA trial in 2 weeks and I'm glad for the extra training time. My goal as far as his self-control issues go is to have him ready for a 2 ring trial by the January USDAA trial but we'll see.

I sent in the last of my entries for agility trials this year a couple of weeks ago which was a funny feeling. After USDAA this weekend I'll have DOCNA in 2 weeks then another DOCNA trial in November and that's it unless I get a wild hair and decide to drive to Utah for a USDAA trial in December. But driving across Wyoming in December...scary thought. They have gates to shut down the Interstate across the entire state, it would be just my luck I'd get stranded in some little town with expensive, scary hotels that don't allow dogs. Or blown off the road into a snowdrift and they wouldn't find me until spring. I also had a thought about driving to Chicago since I need to make a trip to visit my grandmother and I'm nervous about getting on a plane and getting Swine Flu and being stranded in Chicago. There's a USDAA trial in Lawrence, KS in November and I was thinking about stopping there on my way to Chicago. It's a nice venue, I went to a NADAC trial there lo the many years ago and it's only 1 ring so Strummer could play. Then I thought about it and decided Swine Flu was better than that drive and KS is not exactly on the way, only sorta kinda if I go out of the way. Then there's the issue of how much all that trialing/travelling will cost so I think maybe we'll stay home and practice instead.

Happy weekend and trialling to all.


  1. Good luck this weekend.

    Mycutoff on driving time for overnight stay has been 2 hrs but I have been sliding that shorter and shorter. Like you said, all that driving two days in a row is a killa.

    I'm also getting more into staying at home and practicing. Or not. (Practicing.)

  2. Aw, what a face on that Lola. She looks in absolute heaven sitting there in the sun getting scritches.

    Hope the trial went well.

  3. Ugh, I hear you about the driving. My closest trial is 1 hour away, and I'm happy I can stay home for that one. Usually they are at least 1.5 hours away. I get tired of driving, driving, driving...

  4. Beautiful pictures of Lola!

    I was coming back from Iowa in December three years ago and was stranded in a motel 6 in Kearney, Nebraska for THREE days because of a blizzard and I80 was closed.

    I did get to catch up on all the X-file episodes I had missed while bouncing tennis balls off the walls for the dogs to catch.

  5. Yeah, I hate driving. It's the 21st century, aren't we supposed to be flying around with our personal jet-packs by now?

  6. Thanks! My uncle is from Iowa and he and my aunt used to always get stranded going to and from Chicago during X-mas.