Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blue Sky Trail, Fort Collins

I finally brought my little point and shoot camera with me on the Blue Sky trail.

My friends, Jonny and I were treated to blue skies, shorts weather and another awesome day on the bike.

Unfortunately my camera and photography skills don't do the place justice, it is truly special.

We ran into a local and when we told him we were from Boulder he said, 'Oh, so you're slumming it over here?' I laughed and told him this was much nicer than what we have in Boulder. He gave me a skeptical look but I insisted. We do have maybe one trail that's as nice but I don't know, this one is hard to beat.

You wouldn't think this was a place to spot bears but there was bear poop everywhere on one part of the trail and my friends saw a rattlesnake but thankfully it was gone by the time I caught up to them. Sometimes it pays to be slow.

Happy to be at the top after huffing up a steep hill.

Say goodbye to Blue Sky. Hopefully we'll get a few more rides in before the cold winds start blowing.


  1. Looks nice. I'm glad you could fit in a ride before the storm.

  2. That is REALLY blue sky! Always love the colorado red against a blue sky & green vegetation. Spectacular stuff.