Monday, March 23, 2009

Pillsbury Doughboy on wheels

Stuff this guy in some lycra bike shorts and send him down some trails on a mountain bike and that's about how I felt this weekend. I'm so ridiculously out of shape it's not even funny. But I had a good time on some new trails south of Boulder. I think they've been open for a few months now but it was my first time on them and they were amazing. There are so few nice trails close to town, bikes are banned on almost all city open space so being able to ride these beautiful single track trails was a treat and only a 15-20 minute drive away.

It was hot too, sunny and in the 70's, crazy weather. We've had only a trace amount of snow for Feb. and March which is usually our snowiest month. Temps. in the 60's and 70's a lot of the time in the past few 2 months-it's a bit worrying actually. Do you see the peak to the far right in the photo? That's Long's Peak, the local 14er (mountain higher than 14,000 feet) and at this time of year it should be solid white. The way it looks in the photo is more like what it should look like in May or maybe even June, it hardly has any snow on it. Gonna be a scary fire season if we don't get some moisture and quick. (View from the Greenbelt Plateau trail).

View from the Flatirons Vista trail I think:

Also another view from Flatirons Vista, I think (or Springbrook):

Maybe this Doughgirl should sign up for a race or two this summer to provide some motivation for staying out of the new and improved coffee shop downstairs.

I had the dogs at another fun match this weekend too and I had an interesting practice session with Strummer yesterday and then there's Cody's eye surgery (he's fine) but I'll have to write about that later.


  1. Its sad how brown everything is still, and who ever heard of fire danger warnings posted in February and March?!? Pikes Peak (my 14'r) is brown with a few specs of white too - less than 50% of normal snowfall up there, and, well, much worse down here on the plains. There's been maybe 2 inches of snow in 2009. Scary dry.

  2. Scary dry for sure. Get your evacuation kit ready for summer.

    I'm a total doughgirl too. Funny enough, while we were sick for most of Feb, Tom watched an exercise infomercial and then ordered (much cheaper from eBay) the DVDs. We're gearing up to get in shape.

    It should be funny.

  3. My brother lives in Denver and he's always worried about water/dryness in Colorado.

  4. Yes, fire danger in March is crazy. Maybe I'll teach the dogs a rain dance.