Friday, March 27, 2009

How not to skijor

I'm no expert here but I'm pretty sure the dog is supposed to be facing the other way

And running as opposed to trying to bite your skis

When do we get to the part where you pull me?

At least I didn't get hurt, much to Jonny's relief. Next time I'll take Lola. Or maybe a tennis ball.


  1. Hi Elaine,
    I just stumbled onto your blog via Greg S's blog. I didn't know you did triathlons. I used to as well. IMy last Ironman was 10 years ago.
    Are you going to the FRAC trial? Is Strummer going to debut there. Hope to see you.

    Julie & the kiwi k9's

  2. Funny you should post about ski joring. I've always wanted to try it...but we rarely have enough snow.

    I did see someone bike jor around here several years ago in a nearby park.

  3. Very cool!

    Strummer doesn't look too terribly impressed, but surely he'll love it once he figures out how it works. Pssst... Strum... Don't listen to Jonny: Just go run your butt off!

  4. Wow Julie, an Ironman? I've never attempted that craziness, the farthest I go is an Oly. I'd like to do a half Ironman one day but not right now with all these dogs.

    Strummer will be at the April USDAA trial. I'm already nauseous about it. He's been to a few NADAC & DOCNA trials in Jumpers and the various games but this will be his debut in Standard and USDAA and the first test of his running contacts in a trial. Are you running your youngster yet?

    Jonny tried bikejoring with Lola once and he just had to show off and get some air on a small hill and when he landed he sent her into a panic and he ended up endoing so that was the end of that.

    I'm not sure Strummer will ever give up the fun of trying to bite my ski's so his skijoring career may be short lived. He was seriously obsessed with them same as with the vacuum cleaner and snow shovels. They're nice skis and I don't want him to ruin them with bite marks.

  5. Yes I will be running Rift in Starters in FRAC. Hopefully he will handle the two rings running simultaneously OK. It will be fun. I am glad to be running USDAA again. I can't wait to see Strummer out there. By the way I love his name. Maybe we can be pairs partners one day. Are you doing championship?
    As for triathlons I used to do a lot when I lived in Hawaii. But is seems so long ago now. I did love the Ironman distance though:-)

  6. Strum is in Perf. for the April trial. The DOCNA judge measured him right at 21" and he has no USDAA measurements yet. I've been jumping him at 22" in practice so I entered Perf. just in case he measures over. I'm not sure I'll do Champ. if he measures into the 26" height but if he does Champ. in the end we can surely be pairs partners at some trial. I'm not entering him in pairs though until he's had some USDAA ring experience, no point screwing up someone else until I'm reasonably sure he can make it around a course at a trial.

    I'm a little worried about the 2 rings as well but there should be plastic sheeting covering the arena gating so I think Strum will be fine if he can't see the other ring. I've got a bit more work to do with him before he can enter the outdoor, 2-ring trials so he won't do much USDAA this summer.

    So did you qualify for the Hawaii Ironman?!! If so, that's quite an accomplishment. I think I'd be hard pressed just to finish an Ironman.

  7. I am just entering everything up to now so I hope we do OK. I am in training mode on everything though. Rift gets really unsure at the startline so we are working through that too. I think he will actually be better outdoors. Rift is 20 3/4 tall and I just need one more measurement when he is 3 years old. I never did do the Hawaii Ironman. (I wish) I watched it lots of times in person though. The ones I did were Ironman Canada twice and Ironman New Zealand. Tons of 1/2 ironmans and sprint and Olympic distance. I wish I was in that kind of shape again.

  8. Uh, I wish I could get into that kind of shape AT ALL...but I'm happy for now just trying to find a balance between cycling and dog training. I think an Oly or half IM sounds like fun, but I don't think my body could take all that running.

  9. Hiiiiiilarious! Reminds me of my experience with Remington trying to get him to pull me in a mushing cart: See the very bottom of this page.

  10. Too funny. Strum's problem isn't ennui though, his issue is biting and attacking anything that moves, esp. if it makes noise and even more esp. if it makes noise in the snow. No way I'd be brave enough to try him in a mushing cart though, even I'm not that crazy.

  11. How did you ever get him to do teeters? One friend spent a year trying to desensitize her large golden to keep him from attacking teeters (because they moved & made noise). Finally got it (mostly); problem was that agility dogs also move and make noise. Ah, well, he's a good companion dog anyway.

  12. The teeter is probably his favorite obstacle. His first thought when he saw one was to do a 4 legged sproing jump onto the high end of the teeter. He landed no problem and thought it was a great game but I had about 3 heart attacks. I suppose they don't move continuously enough to be an issue for him.

    Agility dogs, now that's another story and his main issue at the moment.