Friday, March 27, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

That stuff about the scary fire danger? Uh, never mind. Driving home from work in a full on blizzard was super fun.

I measured 17" of snow on that table, there's about 16" in my yard. I think a trip to the mountains for some cross country skiing is in order tomorrow and maybe even skijoring in a neighborhood park if the nordic club grooms a trail which I don't know why they wouldn't with all this fresh powder unless it melts too quickly.


  1. Wow. It'll be challenging to do that teeter now, let alone find it! We don't get this sort of falling-from-sky stuff in San Jose. Ever.

  2. You guys hit the jackpot. Seems we got more wind than snow, but it piled up to about 8" or so. Hard to say when there's zero here and 2 feet there. I posted some pics from this morning too..

  3. We only got about 8-10 inches here. Sounds like town got slammed more than we did. Like Greg ... we posted photos, video today too.

    Ahhh ... Coloradoans and their dogs.

  4. Weird, they kept saying south and east would get hit the worst and the higher elevations usually get the most. I'm not complaining though, we certainly need it.