Thursday, February 19, 2009

Running Dogwalk

I've got some video of one of Strummer's practice sessions on the full dogwalk. The heading on the video is wrong, it says 9/12 hits and that not all runs are shown. Those were the stats for an earlier practice session, this one was 5/7 hits and all runs are shown in the video. The quality is not great and the background is distracting but there was nothing I could do since the fence was too close to the other side of the dogwalk so I couldn't shoot facing the other way. This is more of a documentation for myself of where we're at in the training process but maybe it's helpful to someone who doesn't mind crappy video so I'll share it.

Had another practice session yesterday after a little break for the weekend trial and recovery thereof. Results were 7/11, not so great. The pattern seems to be that he misses the early reps then realizes, huh, that's not working for me and he goes back to doing it right which to me means he's still very much in the learning process. He did have one of the worst leaps ever though from the top 3rd of the downside plank. Usually when he misses he still gets a back leg in or he just misses the top of the yellow with his front feet, he doesn't usually deliberately launch from the top of the plank (that's Cody's specialty). My guess is that something distracted him though hard to say. So far it's an anomoly so I'm not going to worry about it too much unless I see it cropping up again.

We're going to a fun match up at Power Pups again this weekend and since he was 100% on the dogwalk up there last time we went I'm going to try doing it in a sequence. I'll also take Lola up there to work on her table. Should be fun, it's supposed to be 60 degrees, hopefully I can get some biking in too. Crazy weather for February.

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