Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cheery thought for a Sunday morning

'Soon we won't have any music by people who are alive' said Jonny this a.m. as he played a J. Church record (singer died of some autoimmune disease or something). This made me feel old and sad.

On a lighter note, Strum redeemed himself at the NADAC trial yesterday. 2/2 for Q's in Novice Weavers and Jumpers with a 3rd and 1st place respectively. Best of all he was so well behaved and relaxed and excited (but not crazy foaming at the mouth excited). Totally focused for his runs and flying full tilt around the courses and feeling a little bit less like a baby dog. I'll post a full report later. We go back this afternoon for Tunnelers and another round of Jumpers. I'm so hoping he'll be as well behaved today.

Who was zee sexiest collie at zee agility trial?


  1. Positively dreamy. And he sure did his fair share of flirting with his adoring crowd this past weekend.