Friday, July 11, 2008

Snooker and Pairs Runs, Regionals 2008

Here's a course map and video of Cody's Snooker run. You can ignore the part where I pull him off the second red then go back to redo it (forgot where I was going for a moment). It was a nice run other than that. It had clouded up and cooled down considerably so Cody was running nicely. In retrospect I regret going back to pick up that red. Stupid Super Q's.

Normally I wouldn't get too excited by Team Relay but this one was tricky for both sides. I was happy with what I did with Lola. I happened to see Susan Garrett's run and she ran the second side as well but she started with her dog on her left and rear crossed to the teeter. I think she had a problem with that strategy but I can't quite remember what happened. Her teammate did the same thing and definitely had a problem, can't remember how it went down but I'm pretty sure he ended up with an off course, maybe into the tunnel. Not to pick on them, it was interesting to see a different handling strategy and not many people tried that. Lots of people had trouble on the first half of the course between the A-frame and weaves. Lots of refusals at the weaves.

Master Pairs was also tricky, the second half at least. One handler fell twice, at the #3 tunnel entry and the #10 tunnel exit. I handled Cody nicely and he had a nice smooth run but I mishandled Lola, didn't quite get in the front cross I had planned at the #3 and #10 tunnel entry even though I had plenty of time and then had trouble sending her ahead for a rear cross. In retrospect I should have put a front cross in between #4 and #5 since I ended up waiting around for her to get out of the tunnel.

Some handlers chose to stay on the left of the tunnel/A-frame for the #10 tunnel and push their dog to the #11 tunnel. This was not a great choice for a fast dog and that was where the one handler tripped over her dog and fell. She did pull it off nicely though with her second dog by hanging back a bit and letting the dog shoot forward before directing him to the #11 tunnel. Still, in general those who handled from the left of the tunnel/A-frame had tighter turns and smoother runs at that point. I didn't pay attention to the first half of the course so can't comment on that.


  1. Your dogs are looking great. I love the way Cody dug in for those weaves in Snooker and am envious of how solid both your dogs are at weaving. My dogs will send yours some happy table vibes if yours will send mine (Walter in particular) some happy weavie vibes.

  2. Happy Weavie Vibes sent. Hopefully they won't get held up at the border ;-)