Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dog Beach Photos

I got some better photos the next day at the dog beach thanks to a better variety of dogs. The Evanston dog beach is the place to be mid-morning on a nice summer Sunday.

This one is my favorite. This cute little Aussie showed up just as we were starting to think about leaving so of course I had to stay a bit longer. Something about the herding breeds, they're so expressive.

Throw the ball dammit!

Not a great photo but look at that sweet smile on Annie's face.

Annie's friend Lily. This photo is going to go in a calendar for canine epilepsy. My friend asked Lily's owner about photo credits for me and she said no, they don't do photo credits in the calendar. When he told me he had asked her I just laughed and laughed. Photo credits for what? I was messing around with my camera and happened to get lucky and this is hardly a professional grade photo anyway. It seems that so much of photography is the equipment and having the spare time to wait around forever for just the right moment.

Wee Body was too cute for words.

This Afghan had such a sweet face.

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