Monday, February 04, 2008

Strum v Watering Can

A few more photos of Strummer and his watering can just for the hey of it. He loves that stupid thing, tears around the yard like an idiot with it, tosses it up in the air then pounces on it. Way more entertaining than t.v.


  1. roxanne2:36 PM

    He is *so* cute. Even Tom says so. I love seeing their adopted toys make them so happy. It's such a crack up.

  2. Awesome. Just like 3-yr-old kids, you wonder why you spent a fortune on "dog toys" when the $3 watering can will do just as well. For Remington, it was cardboard boxes.


  3. I'm just waiting for the photo of him trying to do the weaves with the watering can in his mouth. :-)

  4. I was at a trial last summer and a woman fell during Snooker and her big floppy hat fell off. She was fine and got up to finish her run but her big black lab grabbed her hat and proceeded to finish the run (including the weave poles) with it in his mouth.

    And yeah, the entire world is a playground to Strummer, he'll turn anything into a toy.