Friday, February 22, 2008

Pimp My Crutches

The rubber arm pads on my crutches are worn and cracking and last time I used them I ended up with sores on my arm so I went looking for a new pair of simple grey rubber replacement pads on the internet. But thanks to capitalism it appears I have many more interesting and fashionable choices at my disposal. Yes, I know, these products are way overpriced and the companies are preying on the fact that I feel pretty crappy about being on crutches but hey by the time I pay postage on a pair of boring grey rubber hoodingies ($15 all told) I could buy a pair of stylin', comfy fleece crutch pad covers ($18.95) from here: The only dilemma is do I go for 'Groovy Daisy':

Or 'Paisley'?

Now the ones I really want are here:

The leopard is the best:

But the zebra is pretty cool too:

These are more expensive at $27.90 with shipping but you get the arm grip cover as well as the arm pad cover for extra grooviness.

Or I could go all out and go this route:

But these are $40 without shipping and don't solve my arm pad problem. Plus that carry bag is not terribly useful. Like I'm gonna put my walllet in there. Oh please come rob the gimpy person who can't possibly catch you. Though I suppose I could always whack potential thieves with my crutches. If I remember correctly that worked great with screeching obnoxious children running wild and about to charge into me in the grocery store.

Ah, decisions, decisions.


  1. The internet is amazing.

    I think the zebra is my favorite.

  2. Too bad you're out of your cast, they had fashionable arm slings too.

  3. Oooh, I like the paisley! But that's just me. Apparently I'm still stuck in the '70s. Or maybe '60s.


  4. I love the paisley too! Very fashionable!

  5. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I vote paisley! I think they're the most chic :-)

  6. I am also vote to paisley.very cute and fashionable!!