Sunday, February 03, 2008

Guaranteed Personality

I'm all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came here for a special offer
Guaranteed personality

-The Clash

One of the fun things about having a rescue is that you get to make up your own fancy kennel name that goes on your title certificates. Strummer is named after Joe Strummer from The Clash of course and you would think with all the zillions of great Clash lyrics that thinking up a name would be a piece of cake. However it turned out to be tougher to find something that fit Strummer than I thought it would. 'Train in Vain' is the most obvious except that it doesn't fit at all, Strummy's easy & fun to train. I liked 'Stay Free Strummer' but it reminds me too much of maxi pads. 'Know Your Rights (And Lefts)' is good too but too wordy and I'm not teaching rights & lefts anyway. 'Black & White Riot' is too obvious. 'Turning Rebellion Into...???' The only thing I could come up with that sort of kind of rhymed with 'money' was 'jumping' and, well, meh. After 2 years of puzzling I finally came up with 'Guaranteed Personality' and emailed Jonny during my lunch hour to see what he thought. He emailed me back and said he'd come up with the exact same name that morning even though we hadn't been discussing names that day. So 'Guaranteed Personality Strummer' it is. Except for DOCNA. I registered him when I registered the other dogs and put 'Pressure Drop Strummer' (yes, yes I know it's a cover) because I needed something right away. And I do reserve the right to change my mind before I register him with USDAA which won't be for a while.

Strummer reached another milestone today by weaving his first set of 6 weave poles with the channels totally shut. Hopefully by next week he'll be doing it confidently enough that I can start working him up to 12 poles. He's also getting very close with his board work. I may start him out on the contacts in the next week or so just to see what issues he may have then it's back to the board to work on whatever issues we can while I'm rehabbing my foot.


  1. Cedarfield4:39 PM

    Great name! And it obviously suits him :-)

  2. roxanne7:06 PM

    I always wondered where his name came from.

    Congrats on the 6 poles. That's excellent news.