Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Patchouli Breath

There's nothing like starting your day with a call to poison control. I came home from an early morning run with Cody & Strummer to find that Lola had swallowed a bottle of insect repellant. Luckily it was 'all natural' non-Deet hippy type stuff and there were no warnings about ingesting it on the label but still I thought it best to check with poison control. The first number I found was for people, not the special one for dogs but the woman on the line said she could probably help me anyway and her services were free vs some ridiculous fee for the doggie service. I read off the ingredients and she told me there was nothing to worry about, a couple of them were heavy laxatives so other than some extraneous pooping and maybe some puking from the essential oils I shouldn't see any problems. So far she seems fine but there was patchouli and lavender in the mix so every time she opens her mouth to yawn I get a nice blast of the smell, like one of those air fresheners that gives out poofs of fragrance every so often. The end result is that my office stinks of hippies and I have to explain to my coworkers that I haven't joined a commune or recently inherited a stash of money and turned into a Boulder trust funder.


  1. That is too funny....


  2. roxanne12:36 PM

    Oh, no! Honestly, they grow up. You think they've got things under control, and then they pull a stunt like this.

    I'm glad she's OK. How scary!

    And, yes, I do believe that you have to give a credit card number to get help from the pet poison line. I remember being bummed, when I called for help after our late Dal ate some medicated skin cream.

    But, thanks for the laugh. I love the image of Lola as air-freshener. I had a good giggle.

    Sadly, for me, when Lilly does this ... it's the aroma of poop because she's a major poop eater (horse poop, deer poop, you name it).

  3. Patchouli, horse poop, it's six, half a dozen.

  4. I've called the doggie poison control a couple of times, given my credit card, and never been charged for it. I wonder whether if you're panicked and crying and your dog looks like he's dying in front of you whether they don't put the charge through.

    ...Brings back scary memories! Fortunately Jake lived several more years to a ripe old 15.