Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Duh, Really?

The amount of companies violating my email box with their screechy ads usually reaches fever pitch right about this time of year and I got the absolute best one this morning. The header read, 'Reminder: Christmas is next week!'

I'd love to know what planet these people think I live on that I need that kind of a reminder even with my crappy memory. Oh and can I please go live on that planet, at least during November and December?


  1. roxanne3:16 PM

    It makes me mental too ... especially the scammers, whose RE: lines might be believable, if I didn't get 6-10 of them at the same time from different email addresses. What? Do you think I'm an idiot?

    I'm also enjoying the ones from ToysRUs, Sierra Trading and Amazon that urge me to shop before the great deals, lowest prices, whatever are gone. The thing is ... I get them EVERY day, so clearly, they are NOT gone.


  2. OMG! Christmas is next week?

  3. You are so screwed. I heard all the malls ran out of everything last Wednesday.

  4. Cedarfield12:28 PM

    For the past 4 years we've gone to the beach for X-mas and just opted out of the whole thing.
    This year, though, we're staying home, putting up a tree, even having a party and I find I'm enjoying all the activity after 4 years of pretending it doesn't exist.
    I wonder how long this whole mellow mood will last :-)