Monday, December 31, 2007

Crazy Dog Lady Episode #182,497

The look of disbelief and horror on the Ethan Allen saleslady's face was priceless when I told her I was looking for a sofa that was good for repelling dog hair. Apparently people who shop at Ethan Allen don't let their dogs on the sofa. I suppose at those prices I can understand why. I had no business being in there in the first place because I certainly was not going to drop 3 grand on a sofa but I thought just maybe they would have some heavily discounted funky unwanted sofa sitting in a lonely corner somewhere. As it turns out they did but it was still twice the price that I was hoping to pay and it was a horrible drab green pattern that made it look like a cow had barfed on it. Sofa Mart is more our price range but the sofas were all too soft and ugly and the Christmas music they were playing was giving me a facial twitch. No sofa was going to look good with 'Little Drummer Boy' worming it's way through my brain. I hate Christmas music with the heat of a thousand hot white burning suns and Christmas music being blared in a public place a full 5 days after Christmas is completely intolerable and just plain wrong. So it was off to Scandanavian Design which was an adventure in itself since we had no cell phone or phone book and were trying to find the place based on Jonny's spotty memory of where it was 12 years ago. Of course it was no longer there and the closest one was the opposite direction and not too far off the highway on the way home. In fact I'd passed it a dozen times last winter taking Lola to her swimming therapy and it never registered. Doh. We did finally find a somewhat reasonably priced dog friendly sofa and Scandanavian Design was the only store where the salespeople didn't hover over us like creepy, desperate vampires. Of course the sofa I really liked was $1500 and purple and not at all dog friendly but cooler heads prevailed in the end. Now if I only had a few more weeks off so I could paint this place and get some new flooring installed the joint wouldn't look half bad.


  1. I hear leather is a good solution.


  2. roxanne11:42 AM

    There are also some nice (not overly squishy designs) from Broyhill. We got ours a few years ago from American Furniture Warehouse (I know, I know), but it was affordable and has held up well.

    The sofas are, however, always covered in garage sale comforters to protect the fabric, so it's not like we see the lovely design much.

  3. Yep, leather is what we went with. I'm not sure what fabric our old sofa is made from but it's also great at repelling dog hair but we couldn't find another one like it. We had a bit of guilt over the leather but put that aside in the end.

    American Furniture Warehouse was next on our list. They have some great bargains but I didn't know where to find one when we were out shopping.

  4. And a Happy New Year to you too Duane, and everyone else for that matter.

  5. I've seen furniture in purple leather--you coulda had the best of both worlds! (I'm sure the purple was its natural color...)