Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tips For Tire Removal

Can't get that stubborn road tire off your wheel? Here's a list of what doesn't work:

1. Swearing
2. Baby Powder
3. Forcing the second tire lever on once the first is already in
4. Swearing in a foreign language
5. Stretching the tire out over and over in the same place
6. Swearing very loudly in both English and a foreign language while sweat pours down your forehead and onto your wheel.

Here's what does work:

1. Utility knife to the sidewalls
2. Give up and wait for husband to come home

I very nearly chose option #1 but I managed to find my quiet place (see all those stupid yoga classes were good for something) and waited for Jonny to return. If nothing else I was hoping he couldn't remove it either so I wouldn't feel so stupid. I change tires all the time and felt pretty pathetic not being able to manage this one. It was a struggle for him too but finally he managed to get it off by putting both tire levers on the bead and pushing them down at the same time. I decided the tire was crap because I got it out of the bargain bin at Performance's House of Crap. I tried putting one of his tires on the wheel and got it on no problem but once again couldn't get it off, even with the 2 tire lever method. Once again it was Jonny to the rescue and once again he got it off with the 2 tire levers very close together (closer than spoke to spoke distance). So now I'm on a mission to find a tire that'll fit properly. The one that was on there came off no problem but it has a split in the sidewall and of course they don't make them anymore.

Oh yeah, and I have a race on Sunday. My bad knee is sore at the moment and I haven't put in nearly as much training as I wanted because of the disruption and ensuing fatigue of a 3 day agility trial and the 3 weeks of nausea/fatigue I went through trying to adjust to some prescription drugs. The lack of a front tire is the least of my worries at this point.


  1. Hey Elayne! I look forward to meeting you Saturday at the athlete meeting! Hope your knee feels better!

  2. Oh, I'll be there, gimpy knee and all. Look forward to meeting you as well.

  3. Hope the race goes well, Elayne, and that your knee holds.

    I seem to have injured my shin. Tripping over a rabbit hole on the golf course, it appears.

    Now that just never happens to Tiger Woods, does it ?