Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Race Photos

Some race photos from the Glenwood Springs Tri: here and here

Some race photos from the Indian Peaks Off Road Tri: here and here

I'm afraid I get more excited about pictures of the dogs than pictures of me so I won't order any but it's nice to see that I didn't look totally miserable out there on the Glenwood run , esp. since the photographer was right at a spot where I was forgetting to have fun out there.

A bit stiff and sore today but not too bad. Gonna try to run an agility course with Cody tonight, hopefully I'll be able to move.


  1. Hey Elayne! Great race report (you write so well!) It was a pleasure to meet you and I know we will do so again! That wind was hellacious!

  2. You look like you're having as lot more fun that I would be if I were running a race.

  3. You look very serious and hard-core in the Glenwood photos. And the MTB photo is fantastic -- I'd totally order one of those if it were me.

    Nice report, and those are some pretty consistent times over the years. That pool looks awesome. I've heard a lot about it so some day I'll have to get myself there for a swim.

  4. It's all about the trisuit, I swear it makes me look faster. If only it actually made me go faster.