Sunday, September 16, 2007

Heil Ranch

It was a girlie day on the trail yesterday as I met up with a Jeanne and Sabina to check out the brand spankin' new Wild Turkey trail at Heil Ranch. We still had to ride up a good portion of the old rocky, eroded trail to reach the new trail but it was well worth it. The new trail is beautiful smooth singletrack that was trickier to ride than it looked. Big lush meadows, nice shady woods, a viewpoint of the Continental Divide and valleys below at the end, this trail has it all.

We kept running into one of the guys who was instrumental in getting the trail built and he was a bit excited, asking everyone what they thought of the trail and trying to recruit people to help build yet another trail that will connect Heil with Hall, another popular mountain biking spot. He was also passing out swigs of Wild Turkey to anyone brave enough to accept. I declined, mountain biking is challenging enough but Sabina, who did take some, was flying down all the horrible rocky parts with a big silly grin on her face so maybe it wouldn't have been a half bad idea.

We spent a bit of time re-riding some the of tricky parts and helping each other out with our skills, or lack thereof. Just like with agility, it helps a lot to have a few sets of eyes to help you out with your technique.

Next weekend it's Lair o' the Bear in Morrisson, near the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Tempting as it is, I think I'll leave the Wild Turkey at home.


  1. Roxanne8:59 PM

    Have you come out to ride at the new Centennial Cone open space in Jeffco? It's right by my house. Lilly and I hike back there quite a bit.

    They alternate hike and bike days on the weekends to avoid trail conflicts. Even weekend days are bike days. Odd ones are hike days.

    Holler if you come out. Lilly and I would love to see you.

  2. We were out there a couple of weeks ago, it was fantastic. Of course I forgot my camera. I'm sure we'll be back some time this fall. Do you ride as well? You're more than welcome to join us (I'm really slow). I'll let know next time we're out.