Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Worm Crawls In, The Worm Crawls Out

I'm sorry, but Lola's worms are SO gross. I'm picking up her medicine today after work and it better work fast, that's all I'm saying. The vet tech suggested keeping the dogs on heartworm preventative year round if they're going to get into bad things at the agility field on a regular basis. I'm not a big fan of drugs so I've been giving them heartworm pills only during mosquito season but I think I may try the year round thing. So far noone's shown any adverse signs to the medicine and worms certainly can't be a good thing, esp. since apparently they can have them and not shown any signs.

I've decided I'm doing my race this weekend no matter what. If I'm going to do it I should go into it fully committed and with a positive attitude about it or it's not going to go well or be any fun. Still unsure about the camping though, I'll try one more time to find a hotel but it's mostly tiny mountain bedroom communities up there. If only I didn't get cold so easily I wouldn't mind the camping but without Jonny or the dogs there to keep me warm I'm afraid I'll be awake shivering all night long. Man, I'm such a wuss.


  1. Here in NC we have to give heartworm year-round because except for a few weeks here and there, it's pretty much always mosquito season. My dogs haven't had any problems with it, and we've been here for seven years.

  2. That's good to know. I'm not sure if there are problems with Interceptor which is what I give the dogs. The woman who runs BC rescue had a dog die from taking Heartgard but that's a problem specific to BC's and that particular drug. Knock wood, I haven't had any issues with Interceptor so far, it's just hard to know what the long term effects of constant exposure to the drug are. Still I think I'll probably switch to year round.

  3. Anyone who does triathlon, not to mention even contemplating jumping into an icy cold lake, is certainly no wuss in MY book! Good luck and I hope it's a lot of fun.