Thursday, June 14, 2007

Attn. Colorado Readers

Some guy on a running list mentioned that his brother in CO has a husky who recently gave birth to pups (the idiot has an intact male and female, well duh what did think would happen). He claims the brother will 'probably' drown the pups. Now this is hardly solid evidence of anything and I don't want to start a witch hunt but I have the person's last name and a picture of the mom husky and her pups so if anyone knows anybody with a husky who's recently had pups feel free to email me and I can tell you the last name to see if it's the same person. Then hopefully the person can be persuaded to put the pups into rescue if he was indeed entertaining notions of drowning.

Alternatively if anyone knows of a litter of huskies that has turned up drowned or met with any other unfortunate fate please let me know and I'll pass on what little info. I have to the proper authorities. I do have the full name of the non-dog owning brother as well as a way for police/animal control to contact him. A simple DNA test could link (or not) the pups to the mother.

Permission to pass on, cross post, whatever it takes to spread the word.

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