Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wonder If The Vet Has Anything For Earworms

Still can't get that stupid Adam Ant song out of my head. The weird thing is it's not like I was ever a fan or anything. I always thought the pirate thing was funny and camp but that he was joking. He meant it all as a joke, right? Right??!! Jonny had to send me a wikipedia link for him which only put the song back in my head today. So I'm sharing the love. Maybe if I watch it enough times it'll go away. Oh and if you really want a case of the heebies click on 'Prince Charming' while you're over at youtube. Go ahead, I dare you.

Stand and Deliver

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  1. A few weeks back in class, a classmate brought recorded music to accessorize the ambiance of that night's food theme. It was supposed to be Irish music, but somehow "Running Bear" ended up in there... "I" for Indian as well as for Irish, I guess--anyway, that earworm stuck with me day and night for the entire blooming WEEK, and when I got to class the following wednesday, I berated Ken endlessly for his choice of music, then we sang most parts of the song together, although I don't think I managed to deposit the earworm successsfully into anyone ELSE's ears, more's the pity. (And none of them had apparently ever heard the term "earworm," which I used prodigiously that evening.)

    What did that b*****d to the next day? Emailed me a sound file of Running Bear! Like certain people posting sound files on their blogs!

    I hate you all.

    At least until I can get something else useless into my head.