Sunday, January 21, 2007

Training For The Week

I'm going to try to start posting my training for the week since it's starting to feel like actual training and not just rehab. Swimming is going along great but I need to build up a base in running and cycling and the snow, ice & single digit temps. aren't helping (o.k., I'll quit bitching about it but it did snow some more today thank you very much). I set up a nice log in Excel but I can't figure out how to post it here so I'll retype the bare details when I have time. For this week:

Mon.: Walk-2 miles
Tues.: Swim-2800 yds.
Walk-2 miles
Weds.: Walk-2 miles
Thurs.: Walk-2 miles
Fri.: Walk-2 miles
Run (Snowshoe)-1.00 miles, approx. (15 mins. non-stop)
Sat.: Walk-4.5 miles
Bike-10.6 miles (trainer, intervals)
Sun.: Walk-5.5 miles
Run-1.5 miles (20 mins. non-stop)

Totals for the week:

Walk: 20 miles/6 hours
Run: 2.5 miles/35 minutes
Bike: 10.6 miles/50 mins.
Swim: 2800 yards/1.25 hours
Strength/Core: 40 mins.


Walk: 37.4 miles/11 hours
Run: 7.17 miles/1.58 hours
Bike: 10.6 miles/50 mins.
Swim: 10,650 yards/4.5 hours
X-Country Ski: 1.0 hours
Strength/Core: 1.33 hours

Not too impressive but I need to be patient with the running. I need to get on the trainer more after work but I already have something going on every night after work except Friday and it's hard to get on the trainer at 7-8:00 at night after a full day. Serious cycling may have to wait for spring.

I have a few races in mind, one being an off road tri in June. They offer all distances so I'd probably go for the sprint since off road riding is so much harder than on the road. There's even an Aqua Bike (no run) event if my running's still not going well by then. There's an Oly at the end of July and maybe another off road sprint in August. Most races still don't have any 2007 info. posted so I'll have to wait and see what's offered. I'm keeping my eye's peeled for the smaller, quirkier looking races and off road if I can find them. I'm not into riding on the road at all these days for training but I'm not fond of racing off road unless it's not a crowded race so I'm going to be pretty picky about what I enter. I've tried training off road then racing on road and I end up getting smoked, mountain biking is so different from road riding.

Then there's the office bike race. It's the only race I ever get competitive about but the jackass in my office that I always had to beat is no longer there so I don't have much incentive other than the $100 prize for first place. The guy who normally wins just had a kid and he's looking mighty tired these days so maybe I'll have a chance if only I could be disciplined enough to get on that stupid trainer. His time this year was several minutes slower than my best time but of course I'm several years older and who knows how many minutes slower. Then there's the new guy who's already started training. He was slow-ish this year but he could be a contender by summer. I'll have to bring lots of baked goods into the office the month prior to the race, those guys will eat anything. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be blabbing my strategy in a public place.


  1. Good to see you're talking up racing again -- stay healthy this spring.

    We have "our" cabin reserved at Chatauqua for the summer (July) but I forget the dates ... I'll let you know when we'll be in town.

  2. Too cool Ed, we'll definitely have to get everyone together. The Mesa Trail should just about be thawed out by then.