Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holy Resolutions Batman

The parking lot for the Rec Center was mobbed last night. I'm a little slow so it took me a bit to realize that it was people with their New Years resolutions. This happens every year, the Rec. Center is packed for the first 2 weeks in Jan. then magically it's back to normal. I'm all for self-improvement and encouraging people on to better fitness but it always amazes me how fast people give up their goals. I don't like the Rec. Centers being so crowded and I hate these 2 weeks of knocking elbows in the locker rooms but there's something discouraging about so many people giving up after a mere 2 weeks.

The regular crowds are returning to masters though we had only 3 in our lane last night. The Boulder Rec. Centers have raised the fees for masters yet again and many people are opting to go to a fancy private health club that has a masters program of it's own. The price is nearly the same and the facilities are nicer. The City of Boulder is losing money on the Rec. Centers so in their infinite wisdom they raise the fees of the successful, money making programs thus driving people away and killing what few cash cows they have. I've signed on for another year because the workout schedule is more convenient for me than the other place but next year I'll be rethinking things.

3100 yards in the pool on very sore arms. Too much skiing and shoveling so my ass was dragging but I finished the workout in one piece. Tonight its Lola's turn to swim as she has an appointment for some therapy swimming. Better not forget her swim cap & goggles.


  1. All that snow is making Carol and I rethink retiring in Boulder one of these years. I can't imagine how you swam as far as you did after digging out of all that crap. Then again I can't imagine swimming 50 yards when I'm healthy.

    Ah well, it can't snow forever. Happy New Year.

  2. Are you sure it can't snow forever? I shoveled another 4-5" off my driveway at 7 this morning with another 4-5" predicted to fall during the day.