Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cody Baloney

Tell me, and be honest now, is it unprofessional to walk into a meeting at a client's office 5 minutes late then spill a baggie of dog kibble all over the floor when you reach into your pocket for your business card? At least I wasn't covered in (too much) dog hair.

Cody was running wild at the USDAA trial this past weekend. Only one Q (with a first place in Master Pairs) out of 8 runs, not our best showing ever. There were some really nice courses too so no excuses there. Don't know what Cody's problem was. He seemed fine at the start line of all his runs except Master Jumpers which was the last run of the trial so I'm not convinced it was stress. Sometimes he seems so solid and composed, other times who knows what goes through his fuzzy brain. All of the courses were well within our skills range except for maybe Gamblers. We should have nailed that Jumpers course and the Grand Prix too. I don't mind missing Q's for little things here and there but I don't like it when Cody's being outright flaky, But such is the life and trials of Cody Baloney so hopefully we'll do better next time. Inexplicably, I still had fun at the trial. As much of a goof as he is, I still love running with him and it's such a great feeling when it does come together. He certainly had some nice moments this weekend and he saved my butt on that Pairs run. Somehow I got flummoxed by the baton and lost my timing but he pulled it off. Snooker was also my fault. It's cruel to have such a complicated class first thing in the morning, esp. for us non-morning people. I walked one course then decided on another then combined them both during my run and repeated one of the reds. The judge was whistling and whistling but I was sure it was from the other ring so I kept right on going until the end. She had to explain to me where I went wrong and I still didn't understand right away. What an idiot. It would have been a Q too so I can't blame Cody for that, though his turns were incredibly wide.

I missed having Lola there. Maybe Cody is this flaky all the time and I don't notice it because I have Lola to run. Poor girl is out until May, at least.

The sidewalks and paths have been too iffy for running. I tried on Monday but it was a mess and I gave up. I managed 10 minutes straight though with walking for warm-up and cool down. I was disappointed with having to stop and felt raring to go for the first time in ages. I've lost one of my Yak Traks so I'll have to get a new pair soon since we're due for yet another snow storm this weekend, this time with single digit temperatures for 3 days straight. I can hardly wait.

Oh yeah, along those lines it was a good thing I didn't plan on going to the skijoring clinic. There was a 15 foot deep, 200-300 foot wide avalance that closed the road to Winter Park. Somehow only 2 cars got caught in it and everyone survived. They had some survivors on the news and they barely had a scratch on them. Amazing.


  1. Pocket full of dog goodies all over the floor: I had that experience at my orthopedist's the other week. Despite having an iffy knee, I managed to pick them all up--I think--

    Just read a few of your posts and enjoyed them. Was directed here by another agility bloggist whose blog I've been following for a while, Flirt the Squirt (

    -ellen (Taj MuttHall)

  2. I've always wanted to try skijoring but we just don't get a lot of snow here in NC. This winter has been non-existent, it was 75 last weekend!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your videos. And your dogs are really cute, LOVE the ears :-)

  3. Cedarfield6:13 PM

    Whoops, try

  4. I'll take the 75 degrees over the snow any day.

    You're JRT is very cute, I love the scruffy looking ones.

    I'll have to add links to these blogs to my sidebar. I'll get to it one of these years.