Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Swimming and Biking and...Bears? Oh My

The Boulder Peak Triathlon can't seem to run without a hitch these days. Last year a man in his 70's died during the swim (heart failure due to heart disease) and 2 cyclists were seriously injured while descending steepy steep Olde Stage road (I believe one of them is now a quadrapalegic). This year they instituted a 35 mph speed limit which is the actual speed limit of the road and some people were disqualified for violating it. I've clocked myself at around 44-46 mph going down that hill and other racers flying by me like I'm standing still so I think this was a good idea though no idea how they'll uniformly enforce it the whole length of the hill.

This year no deaths or serious injuries occurred but a woman descending Left Hand Canyon at 35 mph collided with a black bear who clearly never learned to look left before crossing the road. The woman 'flipped over her bike and skidded along the road on her shoulders and back' but pulled herself together and finished the race in 3:06, pulling off a 48+ minute 10k. Not sure what I would do if it happened to me but I suppose that would get my adrenaline going.

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