Sunday, July 02, 2006

Regionals - Day 2

An interesting day, starting out with heat and ending with lightning, thunder, heavy rain, hail and flooding. We sat around for around 3-4 hours waiting for Team Snooker and Speed Jumping Finals only to have them postponed due to the over the top weather. It was a good thing they were postponed since both dogs, esp. Lo, hate thunder.

Cody had a wonderful clean run in Team Jumpers this morning, making his way through a truly convoluted and complicated course, saving my butt with an incredibly acrobatic jump that I would never have asked him to do if I'd had half a chance to think about it. He was a bit slow at the start as it was sunny & hot but he sped up at the end and made a difficult weavepole entry. Our teammate ran clean too so maybe that will make up a bit for yesterday.

The only disappointment of the day, and in fact the trial so far, was that Cody didn't make it through to the Grand Prix finals. He was flaky right on the start line and eventually took an off course that shouldn't have been a problem. It was a great course and perfect for him since there were so few traps but I think the heat was too much for him and there was a delay at the startline which further demotivated him right from the get go. I might have been a wee bit nervous but he was fine during the warm up and was even playing with a tug toy, something he won't do if he's stressed so who can say for sure. I'm putting it down to heat.

Miss Lola continued her perfect streak today getting a Q, 2nd place and her title in
Advanced Snooker and a gorgeous clean run in round one of the Grand Prix earning her 3rd place. She's now in all Masters except for standard. One more chance for another Q in standard tomorrow and then it's back to work on the table.

They're starting the events we missed yesterday at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow so it should be relatively cool but I'll be oh so sleepy. Better get to bed.

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