Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bad Naked

Sorry for the duplicate photos. I'm having trouble with blogger's photo feature. The one of the dogs goes with the post below anyway.

Went up to Winter Park today for some fun on the mountain bike trails. Jonny had a race up at the ski resort and I tagged along so I could hit the trails. I rode up to Fraser, around 15-20 minutes on the bike path, and cruised around on some of the novice trails and dirt roads. I stayed off of one of my favorite trails, Tipperary Creek, because it’s a long, steep climb and I’m not up for that yet. It was hard, but I restrained myself. I had a blast on the Flume trail, another one of my favorites that’s not as challenging but very wonderful single track nonetheless. The photo is a view of Byer’s Peak taken from a rest stop on the Flume trail. You’ll have to imagine the sound of the river flowing and the birds chirping on your own. When I pulled over for a snack and a photo at that rest stop, a couple were leaving and the guy said, ‘Am I the only guy on the trail today?’. I explained that all the guys were racing up at the ski mountain and we both agreed that our leisurely ride through the woods was much more fun. ‘This view is hypnotic’ the guy said before riding off and I agreed.

Jonny ends up winning his age group in the Sport class and is only one second behind first place in the Expert class which is one below the Pro level! A bunch of the guys/women that he regularly rides with win their age groups and divisions too.

On the drive back to Boulder Jonny convinced me that the fun match next weekend was the way to go. He didn’t even hesitate when I explained it all to him and I trust his judgment even though he doesn’t train or run the dogs in agility. Sometimes it helps to have a knowledgeable outsider’s opinion and he confirmed what I secretly wanted to do anyway.

I remembered something about a deadline for applications for the fun match so I checked when I got home and sure enough the deadline is Tuesday. I don’t have a printer at home and I didn’t want to wait until Monday because the mail is always iffy so at 4:05 I drove to the Boulder Library to use their printer. I figured the post office closed at 5:00 and I was worried about making the deadline since it seems the computers at the library are always busy and parking in downtown Boulder on a Saturday is oh so joyous. But luck was on my side, I got a parking space right outside the library door and there were 2 free computers in the lobby. Or so I thought. I went up to one of the computers and a guy on a bench in the lobby yells, ‘Excuse me miss, we’re WAITING in line’. I shrugged my shoulders at him, thinking to myself ‘Then why are you warming the bench and not using the empty machines dumbasses’ but I wasn’t going to argue. I went into the main library and there was an empty machine, no problem. Printed out the apps, wrote my check, got a parking space with 3 minutes on the meter right outside the post office door It turned out the post office shut at 4:30 and I just made it in at 4:25. Could things get any more perfect?

Of course the cosmos must always balance itself out. I turned the corner from the post office and was greeted by much screaming and commotion coming from the Pearl Street Mall which is the main pedestrian mall downtown. I was on the street that marks the start of the mall so I had crazy, yelling crowds on one side and the vehicular side of Pearl St. on the other. I had a green light and figured they were yelling at some street performer or something so I drove at a crawl past the scene lest some drunken college student or touroid end up under my wheels. When I hit Pearl St. though I realized that the commotion was over a huge parade of naked people on bikes heading straight for the Pearl St. Mall and my car. Horrified, I tried to drive away as quickly as I safely could but I got stuck waiting for pedestrians at a crosswalk so they ended up passing right next to my car. The lead guy had ‘No Blood For Oil’ painted on his ass and many of the others were carrying signs & banners. Now I agree 100% with your cause but dude I do NOT want to see your package. Seriously, it’s going to take a loooong time and maybe another serious blow to the head to erase that lovely image. To add insult to injury there was a photographer right at the crosswalk taking pictures so it’ll be just my luck I’ll end up on the front page of the Sunday Daily Camera with a naked guy next to me and a mortified expression on my face. Just the thing to proudly send home to grandma. Well, she’s been asking me for photos.

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